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US Fighter Jets Shoot Down Chinese Spy Balloon Off South Carolina Coast

I had heard this morning that the FAA had issued a “no fly zone” between Charleston, SC and Wilmington, NC today. That told me that Our USA Military would be shooting down the so-called Chinese spy balloon.

So … just before 3pm CST today, the spy balloon reached our Coastal Waters in Myrtle Beach, SC and our Military jets shot it down. Hooray! But was it really a Chinese spy balloon? Could it have been one of our 1,040 other spy balloons or satellites that the USA Government uses to spy on its USA Citizens?

Watch Monkey Werx USA on You Tube and see what you think after watching his video. Monkey talks about the 1,040 USA satellites and spy balloons that are above our heads every day for 24 hours per day. Did you know that? That includes phone data, emails, conversations in your kitchen, etc. I did not but we have been told that it was Google, Microsoft, Facebook, etc that has been spying on us for many years. Never told that we had over a thousand spy balloons and/or satellites over our heads 24 hours/7 days per week by our USA Government.

We also have commercial civilian spy drones/balloons/satellites above our heads spying on each one of us. Did you know that too?

Why did our USA Government NOT blow it up before reaching the shores of Alaska? That particular balloon was being monitors as it flew over the ocean between Hawaii and Alaska. So the same question should be asked….”Why did they NOT blow it up over the ocean?”

An addition question that each and every USA Citizen/Legal Resident should ask …. “What would China do if we flew one of our spy balloons/drones/satellites across their Country? I have NO doubt that the Chinese would shoot ours down over ocean or land.”

Video is here.

China Spying Over Our USA Country – And Latin America Too!

By now, most of Our USA Citizens have heard about the Chinese spy balloon that entered Alaska (actually near our Military Bases) and has traveled across Canada to enter our State of Montana’s land. It is traveling across our Mid-Western part of the United States of America and should be reaching Fort Bragg in North Carolina by this afternoon or early evening.

I woke up this morning and the first news report I see, there is another Chinese spy balloon over Latin America.

My questions are:

  1. Why has our current government officials and our military, NOT shot this spy balloon over Our Country down?
  2. I understand that Our Military or Joe Biden has NOT given a warning to China and told them that we will be exploding their spy balloon?
  3. Do we need to email our Congressmen (3 in South Dakota) and tell them that ‘We The People’ do NOT want any other country to have spy planes or spy balloons over Our USA Country?

Keloland News in Sioux Falls, SD reported this morning (Saturday, February 4th, 2023) that Our South Dakota Governor, Kristi Noem, completed a phone conversation with our current USA government yesterday. The topic was the Chinese spy balloon over Our USA Country. Sure wish I could have been a “fly on the wall” during this call!

4. Which President did Our SD Governor speak with yesterday? Joe Biden or President Donald J. Trump?

President Trump Spoke About China’s Spying and Called for Congress to Investigate President Biden’s UPenn Center

In a video released to social media, former President Trump spoke about China’s spying, and called for Congress to investigate President Biden’s UPenn center.

President Trump talks about China’s secret police in New York City. He also talks about China’s influence in all of our major universities.

President Trump’s speech on China in our Social Media platforms here.

Pfizer CEO Made ‘Misleading’ Statements on Vaccinating Children Against COVID-19: UK Watchdog

By Lily Zhou on February 1st, 2023

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla has made “misleading” and unsubstantiated statements on the merit of giving COVID-19 vaccines to young children, according to a case report published by a UK pharmaceutical watchdog on Jan. 27.

During an interview with the BBC published on Dec. 2, 2021, Bourla was asked whether he believed it was likely that 5- to 11-year-olds in the UK and Europe would be vaccinated against COVID-19 and whether it was a good idea.

The interview was published after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration authorised the use of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine for young children, but the UK’s medicines regulator, the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), didn’t approve the product for the same age group until Dec. 22, 2021.

While acknowledging that it was up to the UK authorities to decide whether or not to approve and deploy the vaccines, Bourla replied, “I believe it’s a very good idea.”

He cited disruptions in education and the potential of developing so-called long-COVID, saying, “so there is no doubt in my mind about the benefits completely are in favour of doing it.”

Following complaints from UsForThem—a children’s welfare campaign group founded in response to the COVID-19 lockdowns—a panel from the Prescription Medicines Code of Practice Authority (PMCPA) ruled that Bourla’s statements breached a number of rules in the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) code of practice.

After Pfizer appealed against the ruling, an appeal board upheld five counts of breaches of three ABPI codes that require information and claims to be accurate, balanced, capable of substantiation, not raising unfounded hopes of successful treatment, and not be misleading with respect to the safety of the product.

The PMCPA described Bourla’s statements as being of a “strong unqualified nature.” It also said they inferred there was “no need to be concerned about potential side-effects of vaccination in healthy children aged 5-11” and that the implication was “misleading and incapable of substantiation.”

The PMCPA said it has received an undertaking from Pfizer to prevent similar breaches in the future.

Code breakers are charged for administrative costs, but the self-regulatory body does not have the power to impose fines or other legal sanctions.

Bourla was initially found to have also breached the code for promoting the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine in the 5–11 age group when it was not authorised by the MHRA, but the appeal board overturned the ruling, agreeing with Pfizer that its CEO was asked a specific question and it was not unreasonable to talk about the issue in principle. The board also noted that two other COVID-19 vaccines were also under investigation for the age group.

The appeal board also overturned previous rulings that said Pfizer had failed to maintain high standards and brought discredit upon the industry.

Most Serious Rulings

Pfizer didn’t respond to The Epoch Times’ request for comment. In a previous statement to The Telegraph in November 2022, when the newspaper obtained the unpublished ruling, a spokesman for Pfizer said the company was “committed to the highest levels of integrity in any interaction with the public.”

“We are pleased the UK’s PMCPA Appeal Board found Pfizer to have maintained high standards and upheld confidence in our industry, the two most serious rulings in this complaint from a UK campaign group,” the statement reads.

“In the UK, we have always endeavoured to follow the principles and letter of our industry Code of Practice throughout. We will review the case report in detail when we receive it, to inform future activity,” it added.

Speaking to The Epoch Times on Tuesday, Ben Kingsley, head of legal affairs at UsForThem, said he was “thrilled” the regulator ultimately agreed with them that the Pfizer CEO’s statements were misleading and unsubstantiated after the pharmaceutical giant opposed their claims “with all of the resources at its disposal” throughout the process.

Commenting on Pfizer’s previous statement on the ruling, Kingsley said the group “found it quite surprising” that Pfizer would consider the rulings about maintaining high standards and upholding confidence in the industry the “most serious” of all.

“I think to the average member of the public, we’d regard misleading us about the safety of their product to be plenty more serious than bringing the repute of the pharmaceutical industry down,” he said.

“So I think it tells you something about the mindset and the priorities of pharma executives that they regard the abuse of the industry as being a more serious matter than misleading the public.”

In June 2021, the UK government’s advisory body on vaccines, the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI), declined to recommend COVID-19 vaccines for healthy children aged between 12 and 15, given the “marginal” benefits young teens would get from the vaccines and the lack of long-term data on the side-effects, including myocarditis.

But the vaccines were later offered to the age group after UK chief medical officers made a recommendation based on wider considerations, including the disruption to children’s education—attributed by some to COVID-19 and by others to the political decision to make children who test positive stay out of school.

The JCVI later recommended a one-off “non-urgent offer” to vaccinate 5- to 11-year-olds. The offer ended in August last year.

In is most recent recommendation, the JCVI said under–50s who are at lower risk of getting seriously ill with COVID-19 will soon be unable to get a booster shot. The offer of primary doses will also end for low-risk people in all age groups.

Full Epoch Times article here.

Military Charges Jim Mattis With Treason, But He’s Fled the Country – Mattis Eludes Military Arrest?

Published Monday, January 30th, 2023

It is being reported that United States Marines looking to arrest former Defense Secretary and Marine Corps General Jim Mattis on charges of treason discovered that he had fled the U.S. for Ukraine, a source in Gen. Eric M. Smith’s office told Real Raw News.

Mattis, a retired four-star general, spent 44 years in the Corps, during which time he commanded troops in the Persian Gulf War, the War in Afghanistan, and Iraq War. He was later nominated as secretary of defense by President-elect Donald Trump and confirmed by the Senate on January 20, 2017. Their relationship eroded in late 2018 when Trump, against Mattis’ advice, pulled U.S. armed forces from Syria, prompting Mattis to speak poorly of Trump and submit a resignation letter. Trump has since called Mattis “the most overrated general in history” and a “not-so-good guy.”

White Hats now say Mattis was either a Deep State plant from the start or joined the Deep State after Trump rebuffed him. They allege that Mattis helped the criminal Biden regime militarize federal agencies such as the FBI, the ATF, and the IRS. Worse, they claim to have evidence linking Mattis to the Deep State’s Christmas Day assault on Guantanamo Bay.

“Two prisoners of war name dropped Jim Mattis. We don’t just take the word of traitors, but their breadcrumbs led us to an administration insider who’s willing to testify that Mattis, Gen. Mark Milley, and the bastard Lloyd Austin discussed how to tactically rescue Pelosi, may she rot in hell, and ‘retake’ GITMO. There’s other intel I can’t openly discuss, but we had enough to issue a military arrest warrant for Mattis. What Mattis did is unconscionable and treasonous,” our source said.

But Mattis could not be found. He had, as they say, flown the coop.

Under Gen. Smith’s orders, U.S. Marines staked out his home in Richland, Washington, as well as General Electric’s headquarters in Reston, Virginia. Our source said that Mattis had served on GE’s board of directors and spent considerable time there. Friends of Mattis reportedly told Marines that he and his wife Christina had left the country for a two-week overseas vacation, a belated honeymoon, in early January but never returned. Mattis married Christina Lomasney in June 2022.

White Hats later learned that Mattis boarded a commercial flight to Warsaw, Poland, on January 10, 2023.

“Deep State’rs go to Poland only to get to Ukraine for safety. It might seem an odd place to stay safe, given what’s going on there, but in this case, it’s really less than meets the eye. Zelensky is shielding them because, well, the Deep State is giving him money hand over fist,” our source said.

In closing, our source said if Mattis reenters the U.S., he’ll find himself on the first flight to Guantanamo Bay. He also noted that Gen. Smith informed Trump of Mattis’ betrayal.

“This Mattis did some treasonous acts; these are terrible acts being committed by terrible people. It’s a huge injustice. You’re catching them, keep catching them, “Trump said.

Full article here.

GOP Rep Announces Articles of Impeachment Against Biden’s Homeland Security Secretary

By Jack Davis, The Western Journal and Published on February 1, 2023

Published on The Federalist Papers on February 1, 2023

House Republicans are moving along two tracks to put pressure on Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas as investigations into border security begin amid new calls for his impeachment.

On Tuesday, Republican Rep. Andy Biggs of Arizona announced on the Fox News show “Tucker Carlson Tonight” that he would bring impeachment proceedings against Mayorkas on Wednesday morning.

Biggs said Congress is given the constitutional responsibility to “remove somebody from office, a public official from office, who is causing public harm and violating the public trust.”

“That is impeachment,” he said. “And I think that is the, quite frankly, the most pressing remedy that we need to avail ourselves of with Alejandro Mayorkas.

“What he has done is absolutely, in my opinion, it’s unconscionable. He’s literally attacked the essence of this country by attacking the geographical integrity, and he’s changing so much, he’s put so many people in danger.

“We’ve got terrorists here that would never have been here. We’ve got criminal gang members. And we’ve got well over a million people here — we have no idea anything about their background, where they went, because they just got away into the country — because of his policies.”

It’s gone for too long.

Secretary Mayorkas’ actions are putting Americans in harm’s way when he is supposed to be protecting them.

Tomorrow morning I will officially introduce my impeachment articles against him to finally remove him from office.

— Rep Andy Biggs (@RepAndyBiggsAZ) February 1, 2023

The impeachment process has two steps. First, the House must decide whether an official should be charged, and then a trial is conducted in the Senate on those charges.

Given that the House has a slim GOP majority, passage there would require near-unanimous support among Republicans. Because the Senate has a Democratic majority, conviction on the charges would require Democrats to join forces with Republicans.

Biggs explained why he believes Mayorkas’s conduct had risen to the level of  “high crimes and misdemeanors.”

“High crimes means that you are a public official, and you have violated the public trust, and you have to be removed,” he said, according to Fox News.

“He basically got rid of every policy that was working,” Biggs said.

“Quite frankly, the first thing that goes when a country is actually devolving is when you lose your geographical integrity,” the congressman said. “And Secretary Mayorkas — that’s his main job — he has willfully imposed his own dangerous policies on us. It’s not negligence. It’s not incompetence. It’s willful.”

Biggs is not the first House lawmaker to call for Mayorkas’ impeachment.

In early January, Republican Rep. Pat Fallon of Texas introduced his own articles of impeachment.

“Secretary Mayorkas has violated the law and his implemented policies that undermine law enforcement activities at our southern border,” Fallon said in a statement at the time.

“From perjuring himself before Congress about maintaining operational control of the border to the infamous ‘whipgate’ slander against our border patrol agents, Secretary Mayorkas has proven time and time again that he is unfit to lead the Department of Homeland Security,” the congressman said.

“His willful actions erode our immigration system, undermine border patrol morale, and imperil American national security. He must be removed from office.”

Not all Republicans are on board, according to Politico.

“I do think what’s going on at the border is negligence, dereliction of duty, but I’m not convinced that impeaching Mayorkas is going to solve the problem. I think we need the election in 2024 to change the White House,” Republican Rep. Don Bacon of Nebraska said.

But first will come hearings.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan, an Ohio Republican, is beginning hearings on the border this week, while Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer, a Kentucky Republican, will do so next week.

Republican Study Committee Chairman Rep. Kevin Hern of Oklahoma said getting the facts out is likely to boost support for impeachment.

“I think when you lay the case out as any impeachment happens, I think [support] grows. Obviously, it’s not going to happen instantaneously,” Hern said.

Full article here.

Pfizer Pleads Criminally Guilty To Fraud

Pfizer has agreed to pay $2.3 billion, which is the largest healthcare fraud settlement in the history of the Department of Justice. Like the bankers, they are just giving the Justice Department their share of the cut and nobody goes to jail. Pfizer has the GET-OUT-OF-JAIL card and the Justice Department has been bribed to resolve criminal and civil liability arising from the illegal promotion of certain pharmaceutical products.

No doubt, they are immune from civil liability even if they killed a member of your family because they have bribed Congress for that privilege to kill people with total immunity. The Italian Mafia should have just bought a drug company to take care of business and they would have been immune.

As to those who have asked if we have ever advised Pfizer. The answer is NO. I am not Pontius Pilate pretending to wash the blood from my hands after dealing with a company I have ZERO respect for!

Article can be found here.

NOTE: How did Congress give immunity to any U.S. Company when killing U.S. Citizens per a plan? Why did the Citizens never hear about this immunity? What needs to change in Our Country?

Why Did The Hillandale Chicken Farm Have A Fire That Killed 100,000 hens?

Questions at the end of this article.

Connecticut authorities are investigating the cause of a fire at a large egg farm that burned for hours and killed a number of chickens, fire officials said Sunday.

The fire at the Hillandale Farms property in Bozrah was reported at about 1 p.m. Saturday and drew dozens of firefighters from the area. Officials said the blaze was extinguished Saturday night. The cause was not immediately clear.

John Way, a safety officer for the Bozrah Volunteer Fire Co., said the building that caught fire was large — about 300 to 400 feet long and two stories high — and housed an unknown number of chickens.

Way said Sunday that he could not confirm local media reports citing The Salvation Army that around 100,000 chickens were killed.

No one answered the phone at the farm Sunday. Representatives at Hillandale Farms did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

On its website, Hillandale Farms bills itself as one of the country’s top egg producers, raising over 20 million chickens for eggs. It has corporate offices in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

First video on the topic – with loads of questions. Look for more news sources on this specific fire and many other fires at our food producers facilities.


  1. Why is the Salvation Army involved with the killed chickens? Connection with Hillandale Farms?
  2. Why are the large chicken laying farms raising their prices so high?
  3. Why are homesteads, Colonies and families raising their own laying chickens, not having to pay lots of money to raise their own chickens?
  4. What does the large laying chicken farms have to gain by raising their prices?
  5. How will your family deal with the higher prices on eggs in the stores?
  6. Can you start raising chickens for laying eggs for your family?
  7. If not, is there a small farm in your area that you can buy some of their eggs each week and at a reasonable price? We buy our eggs for $2.00 in the summer and $3.00 in the winter, from our local Colony. No price change for the past 6 years.

Why Is Air Canada Getting Away With Taking Luggage From Owners?

Squirrel Tribe says it the way we should be looking at things that so many people are dealing with. Watch and come up with your plan to keep this from happening to you and your family in 2023.

Our family has decided NOT to fly on commercial flights anymore. We are TIRED OF BEING TREATED LIKE SECOND CLASS CITIZENS with NO RIGHTS!

Watch the You Tube video about what happened with a lost luggage on Air Canada flight.

COVID-19 Blunder

Please take the time to read through this great article by Dr. Mercola.

Story at-a-glance

  • Bret Weinstein, an evolutionary theorist, discussed some of the most heavily censored topics today on “The Joe Rogan Experience”
  • From the initial allowance of gain-of-function research to the botched pandemic response, Weinstein believes the COVID-19 pandemic is the largest blunder in human history
  • Research published in Science Immunology reveals a “mind blowing” finding that after three doses of mRNA COVID-19 shots, your immune system may be triggered not to fight
  • As SARS-CoV-2 spread through the population, fear was used to make the population compliant
  • Weinstein explores the possibility that a select group may have had advance notice of the impending pandemic and used that knowledge to position themselves for a financial windfall

Bret Weinstein, an evolutionary theorist, author of “A Hunter-Gatherer’s Guide to the 21st Century” and host of “The DarkHorse Podcast” was interviewed on “The Joe Rogan Experience,” discussing some of the most heavily censored topics today.1

From discussing why he believes COVID-19 is the “biggest blunder in human history” to how COVID-19 shots may make the human immune system unable to fight off pathogens, the interview is as riveting as it is pertinent to public health.

At the root of the problem is censorship, which has buried information that could have turned the tide of the COVID-19 pandemic early on, and the intentional act of keeping people in the dark, which may have paved the way for massive wealth transfer ahead of the pandemic.

‘Zero Is a Special Number’

Weinstein begins by discussing how the narrative has been able to get so out of control, with free speech openly dampened by those in control. He calls the concept “zero is a special number”:2

“The idea of zero as a special number is that this narrative control would not work if there was even one newspaper that was dedicated to the job of reporting the news. It wouldn’t work if there was even one university that was dedicated to finding what the truth might be. Right?

It doesn’t work if there’s one social media platform in a primary position in which free speech reigns, because in any of these cases, if you had the university that was still interested in truth seeking in an era where everybody else was doing their diversity, equity and inclusion thing, every reasonable person would wanna send their kid there, right?

So it would win in competition almost immediately, and the result would be every other institution would have to change their policy to compete. So if you get even one exception, that’s enough to break this pattern.”

What we face is a corporate stronghold over media combined with a state-run propaganda machine. Countless private-public partnerships between government and corporations bind the two camps together in a pact to dictate “truth” to the public. Weinstein believes Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter is an attempt to become that single exception, which is why you’re seeing so many people publicly announcing that they’re leaving the platform:3

“The structure that is controlling the narrative understands that it cannot endure that [Twitter becoming a platform for free speech]. And so far it has failed to shut down Elon.

So their next move is actually to get people on one side of this debate to leave so that they can’t prevent Twitter from being a space where people can speak freely, but they can take it out of the position of being a primary social media environment. And in so doing, they will take the number of meaningful exceptions to the free speech control back to zero. That’s what they’re up to.”

They Don’t Want You to Know the Shots Are Gene Therapy

Initially, Weinstein didn’t think the issue of labeling mRNA COVID-19 shots “vaccines” was a big issue, but he’s since changed his mind. “Lots of people were upset by the redefinition of the term vaccine,” he says. “I wasn’t convinced it was an important issue. I have switched sides on this. I now think the definition is vitally important and we’re beginning to see why.”4

The No. 1 reason why Weinstein believes COVID-19 shots are not vaccines is because they do not create immunity to the pathogen. They also use a very different technology than that used by typical vaccines. But if the government began touting a new gene therapy, people would have questioned it. Weinstein explains:5

“What they’ve done is they’ve smuggled in a really, truly radically new technology. And they caused us all not to worry about it very much by using the term vaccine, right? If they had said, alright, we’ve got this pandemic and in order to prevent it from spreading, we’re gonna have everybody take gene therapy.

Everybody would’ve said, what? Gene therapy is that safe? So the point is we had a category and it was called vaccine. And we all thought, you know, there are some crazy folks who are worried about vaccines, but in general, it’s safe. So if something carries that label, it’s probably safe too.”

How COVID Shots Made the Pandemic Worse

As Weinstein and his wife, Heather Heying, an evolutionary biologist and cohost of “The DarkHorse Podcast,” dug deeper, they realized there was no way anyone could know whether COVID-19 shots were safe. “We looked at these technologies and thought, wow, you are intervening in a nested series of complex systems in a way that you can’t possibly predict the outcome.”6

This brought them to the work of Geert Vanden Bossche, Ph.D., a vaccinology expert and former global director of vaccine programs, including work for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. He’s been heavily censored because he’s among those who have warned about immune escape due to the pressure being placed upon the virus during the mass COVID-19 shot campaign.

Bossche describes a general principle in biology, vaccinology and microbiology that if you put living organisms like bacteria or viruses under pressure, via antibiotics, antibodies or chemotherapeutics, for example, but don’t kill them off completely, you can inadvertently encourage their mutation into more virulent strains. Those that escape your immune system end up surviving and selecting mutations to ensure their further survival.

SARS-CoV-2 has a high capacity for mutation but, according to Bossche, if the virus isn’t under pressure, it won’t necessarily see a need to select mutations to, for instance, become more infectious. But if you put it under pressure, as occurred during the mass vaccination campaign — or as Bossche calls it the “one big experiment” — this changes. Weinstein says:7

“What he said is, look, if you vaccinate into a pandemic and you do so broadly across the population, you’re going to drive the evolution of variants … You are going to create an evolutionary arms race, and you were going to cause the number of variants to proliferate.

And, you know, at the time, I couldn’t say for sure that he was right, but what I could say was that he was making evolutionary sense. There was nothing terribly complex about his argument, and it was robust. And I think now we are seeing … that proliferation of variants.”

Are the Shots Triggering Immune Systems to Give Up?

Research published in Science Immunology8 reveals a “mind blowing” finding that after three doses of mRNA COVID-19 shots, your immune system may be triggered not to fight. “It’s a very dangerous discovery,” Weinstein says, that has to do with an elevation in the percentage of IgG4 antibodies:9

“IgG4 is actually part of a system in which the body attenuates its own response to an antigen. So the mind blowing, and you know, it’s an early result, maybe it doesn’t get replicated, but … the implication is that the evolutionary path we have traveled is causing the pathogen now to be able to trigger a response that will cause the immune system not to fight. Nobody knows what happens next …

So the idea that a pathogen, and mind you, not a normal pathogen, a pathogen that we can now be pretty darn certain was engineered by humans, at least in part, that pathogen is now triggering that signal that causes the immune system not to react anymore, means we’re in a whole new landscape.”

Another potential mechanism of harm involves Marc Girardot’s Bolus Theory10 and what happens if a COVID-19 shot, or any shot which is intended to be injected into the muscle, accidentally gets injected into a blood vessel, a demonstrated regular occurrence in hospitals. According to Girardot:11

“Say the direct IV injection of a dose of Pfizer [COVID-19 shot] is diluted by 30 by the time it gets to the aorta, you’d have around 10,000 lipid nanoparticles hitting each square millimeter of endothelium during the very brief passage of the bolus.

Let’s imagine 10% of these vaccine particles penetrate a cell when they hit it. That means that up to 1,000 cells will end up destroyed by the immune system. That’s more than 100% of the cells in that area! Likely irreparable, similar to a third-degree burn.

In the case of a proper intramuscular injection, the maximum concentration would be 25 lipid nanoparticles presenting themselves to the same 1 of endothelial surface. Only three would be uptaken, or less 0.4% of the surface would end up destroyed. Those three cell gaps would be fixed within minutes of the immune attack. And life would go on.

This brief physical phenomenon, similar to an avalanche crashing through your vascular system, is in my opinion the cause of all the adverse effects we have witnessed these past two years, and that have occurred for decades.”

More Clues SARS-CoV-2 Is Not of Natural Origin

Weinstein says he knew very early on in the pandemic that SARS-CoV-2 did not appear to be of natural origin. Further, it didn’t appear to be due to a simple laboratory escape either, but rather was a highly unusual pathogen with “unprecedented genetic alteration” — one that was likely enhanced in a laboratory before it escaped. Even the way it behaves in the human body, harming everything from toes to circulation to the brain is unusual:12

“There’s a reason that a normal pathogen doesn’t do the widescale damage that COVID seems to, and that reason is that, in general, pathogens don’t have an interest in harming you … In fact, they do best when you are healthy enough to walk around and spread them.

And so they tend to spare tissues that do not help them to be transmitted. Well, that’s not the case with this pathogen. This pathogen seems to invade all kinds of tissues that don’t help it to spread.”

The presence of a furin cleavage site on SARS-CoV-2, which is what makes it so transmissible and able to invade tissue so effectively, is another smoking gun. “That’s something that we knew would take a coronavirus and cause it to be highly effective in humans. We knew that before SARS-CoV-2 ever emerged. So, to find it on this virus, even though no other member of the subfamily has it, is conspicuous,” he says.13

The lengths that the mainstream narrative has gone to discredit the lab-origin theory also hint at its relevance:14

“Why are they continually trying to reanimate the explanation that this is a natural spillover event? Because if it isn’t, then we know who did it, right? Anthony Fauci was key to circumventing the ban on gain-of-function research that resulted in the Wuhan lab being funded by us [the U.S.] to do this work. So if this was a natural spillover event from a wet market, then Anthony Fauci is in the clear, right?

If this is the result of ill-conceived gain-of-function research taking place in Wuhan, partially at our direction, that’s a whole different ballgame … those who are responsible cannot allow a full investigation.

I don’t know what will happen if the truth were to fully emerge about, not only what was the explanation for how this virus came into the world when it came into the world … but also what we failed to do, … we failed to deploy …

Because we didn’t deal with the pathogen properly at the beginning, because we didn’t deploy the drugs that we had at our disposal that did work, we ran out the clock on the brief period of time when we might have driven it extinct or at least controlled it.”

The Largest Blunder in Human History

From the initial allowance of gain-of-function research to the botched pandemic response, Weinstein believes the COVID-19 pandemic is the largest blunder in human history. He asks poignant questions, like what would have happened if we had treated COVID-19 the way we treat other emerging pathogens — with trial and error and open discussion until the best course of treatment is identified.

“[If] we just let doctors figure out how to treat it … they would’ve gotten rapidly better at treating this disease, and they would’ve discovered all of the compounds that work. And they would’ve talked to each other about in what way to deploy those compounds, at what dosage. They would’ve discovered all of that stuff,” Weinstein says.15

Instead, as SARS-CoV-2 spread through the population, fear was used to make the population compliant. Data was manipulated, with COVID-19 deaths including people who died “with” COVID, not from it.

“Those numbers caused us to think the pathogen was something other than it was. And it is obvious to anyone seriously analyzing this that COVID isn’t a dangerous pathogen. SARS-CoV-2 is a dangerous pathogen. I’m very worried about where it goes. But the case fatality rate is not one that should have caused us to vaccinate literally billions of people,” Weinstein explains.16

A tweet featured in the interview claimed to be from a doctor who defended her choice to get a COVID-19 shot, saying she did it out of love while antivaxxers were acting out of hate. The tweet turned out to be fake,17 but its sentiment was not a far stretch from reality, as friends, families and colleagues have been torn apart over differing viewpoints during the pandemic.

This divisiveness is not happenstance; it’s very much intentional. “One of the best ways to not look at people as being human is to categorize them as an enemy in some way,” Weinstein says, mentioning mass formation, which involves the formation of a hypnotic state around a shared consensus.

“The mass formation appears to be downstream of an industrial strength propaganda campaign,” Weinstein says. “A very expensive one designed to create these unsolvable puzzles for people so that they would end up in this mindset.”18 The solution begins with continuing to share and spread the truth, and coming together toward this end. “If we don’t do that, then we head into further and further polarization.”19

Who’s Profiting Off Keeping You in the Dark?

Meanwhile, Weinstein explores the possibility that a select group may have had advance notice of the impending pandemic and used that knowledge to position themselves for a financial windfall — and a “cryptic, massive transfer of wealth:”20

“There’s been lots of talk in various publications at this point about the possibility that COVID was circulating earlier than we knew … If you know that a pandemic is coming and that it is going to spread around the globe, and it is going to cause all kinds of alterations, you can, you know, short stocks for cruise ships or airplanes, hotels, right? You can invest in pharmaceutical companies that have useful technologies …

And so the question is, how much of the story here involves something having understood what was coming and having revealed it at a point that it was positioned rather than it having emerged naturally? … I’m as much an outsider to this as anybody, but I will say there’s a version of the story in which our being kept in the dark is a perpetual source of wealth.”

COVID-19 Blunder

I Believe We Are In The 3 Weeks of Enlightenment/Darkness

How many of you have asked the question: “Why is there devastating weather storms moving across the USA? Do you remember ever having weather across our entire Country at the same time? Have you researched if this kind of weather has ever hit every community in our USA? We have had two blizzards come across South Dakota over the last 2 weeks. Prior to the first blizzard, the temperatures took a dive into single digits. Way to early for South Dakota this year!

Why are the grocery stores running out of many foods that we need to eat daily or weekly? 1) If you live in a farming community, like we do – Did you see less farming fields planted with grains or vegetables? Not in our South Dakota farming community. It was as busy as a normal year in our community. 2) One of our sons is a cross-country trucker and he is usually very busy criss-crossing our Country every day but for the last 3 weeks, he has been doing more sitting at truck stops than usual. He sits at those truck stops waiting for a new load to pick-up and deliver – that actually means no money while sitting still. He is not the only trucker having to wait at least 3 days for one load.

Why are our children NOT safe in their schools? Why are schools NOT protecting our children? Why are there NO school police in every building? We have the technology and residents are paying taxes to help pay for that technology. Where are the Federal monies for each student to attend schools? Are the school Budgets balanced or NOT? Does your schools accept parent volunteers in all the classrooms? Does your schools accept college students to volunteer in all the classrooms? Even retired seniors love to volunteer working with young school students. This is an untapped resource of free help for all teachers.

What are they teaching all students in all grades? Have you attended a day of your daughter’s or son’s classes? What core and elective classes are being taught to them? What subjects are included in the core studies and what subjects are included in the elective studies? Did you sign-off on all of your daughter’s or son’s subjects before each quarter starts? If not, why NOT ask for your permission? It is still your child…not the school district’s child? Who buys food and clothes for your child? Who pays for your house payment and utilities for keep your family safe and comfortable? Then why has the school district NOT asked for your permission?

Why are USA Citizens/Legal Residents listening to the January 6th Committee decision about President Trump? This Committee has NO POWER at all! They can give a decision to the Department of Justice but they have NO POWER at all. Is there proof against President Trump? No but yet they continue to try and get him. They are very scared of President Trump. I would suggest you think about not listening to MSM stations about this Committee.

Why did President Trump NOT GIVE the “Federal Football” to Joe Biden? If you are not aware of what the “Federal Football” is, it is a briefcase that every USA President has to have with him at all times. In that briefcase, is the equipment to launch a nuclear war at any time. President Trump refused to give that briefcase to Joe Biden. To me, it means that Joe Biden is NOT OUR PRESIDENT! President Trump still have that Military personnel with the briefcase near him at all times.

Why are all of our housing utilities going higher this year? What has changed since several years ago?

Why are some USA Cities having black-out periods? What are the Military doing during those black-outs? Our Intel is saying that the evil people are being arrested. These are the low-level Deep State or Cabal relatives, etc.

Why did the $1.7 trillion Congressional bill get passed with 18 Republican Senators voting ‘YES’? The bill is at least 4,155 pages and the majority of Senators have never read the entire bill. This includes their staff as well.

Since this next topic is so disturbing, I have placed it at the end today. Please keep an open mind to process and research it. It took me at least a month to process this topic.

Why have our fast food restaurants (McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, Arby’s, etc.) been buying meat from a distribution center that uses dead children’s body cells in the meat? BTW – Our Military has already arrested personnel at those distribution centers and cleaned up those centers meat supplies. They are continuing to monitor those and many other distribution centers.

This is not all the topics that we have been and are living through at this time. Keep your mind open and do the research!

Let me know if you cannot find any factual information on each of these topics.

What Republicans Voted For The $1.7 Trillion Bill In The Senate?

Eighteen Senate Republicans voted to pass the $1.7 trillion omnibus package Thursday that includes hundreds of billions in defense and domestic spending.

The final vote on the 4,155-page bill was 68-29. Republican Sens. Roy Blunt (MO), John Boozman (AR), Shelley Moore Capito (WV), Susan Collins (ME), John Cornyn (TX), Tom Cotton (AR), Lindsey Graham (SC), Jim Inhofe (OK), Mitch McConnell (KY), Jerry Moran (KS), Lisa Murkowski (AK), Robert Portman (OH), Mitt Romney (UT), Mike Rounds (SD), Richard Shelby (AL), John Thune (SD), Roger Wicker (MS) and Todd Young (IN) all voted in favor of the legislation.

I am so disappointed in our South Dakota Senators voting ‘Yes’ on this bill.

We ask that you continue to pray! WWG1WGA (Where We Go 1, We Go All)

Read the article here.

Being Upset Is An Understatement

Early this morning, I received an email and a text from one of the Conservative Organizations that we follow. They were asking us to call our U.S. Senators to explain our view on the $1.7 trillion Senate Bill that was being voted on today (Thursday, December 22nd, 2022).

Because our family is totally against the passing of this bill, we did as we were asked to do by 8:00am CST. I called Senator Thune’s office and Senator Mike Round’s office and left both of them a voicemail. In addition, I wrote Senator Thune an email with our views.

I asked both of them to vote “NO” on the $1.7 trillion bill but asked them to pass a CR in order to continue our government spending to stay the same until we can get a handle on all the trillions of dollars being spent on things we do NOT want it spent on.

Last time I checked, ‘We The People’ still are the majority and the Congress is to follow what ‘We The People’ want, which includes what and how much money is to be spent.

I understand that all of Congress has been arrested except for (7) seven Congressmen/Congresswomen but it is hard not to expect the Congressmen/Congresswomen to do what the ‘We The People’ want them to do immediately.

Time will tell when President Trump and Our U.S. Patriotic Military save Our Beloved United States of America. We are told it is very, very close to be saved and all of our lives around the World.

All we can ask you to do is “Pray To Your God”!

FBI Warned Twitter During ‘Weekly’ Meetings of Hunter Biden ‘Hack-and-Leak Operation’ Before Censoring The Post

The FBI warned Twitter during “weekly” meetings before the 2020 election to expect “hack-and-leak operations’’ by “state actors” involving Hunter Biden, and “likely” in October, according to a sworn declaration by Twitter’s former head of site integrity, Yoel Roth. 

The warnings were so specific that Twitter immediately censored The Post’s scoop about Hunter Biden’s laptop on Oct. 14, 2020, citing its “hacked materials” policy, a move described on Saturday as “election interference” by Twitter’s new owner, Elon Musk

The extraordinary revelation for the first time lays bare how the FBI was involved in pre-bunking the story of the laptop, which had been in the bureau’s possession for almost a year. 

“I was told in these meetings that the intelligence community expected that individuals associated with political campaigns would be subject to hacking attacks and that material obtained through those hacking attacks would likely be disseminated over social media platforms, including Twitter,” said Roth in a Dec. 21, 2020, declaration to the Federal Election Commission. 

“I also learned in these meetings that there were rumors that a hack-and-leak operation would involve Hunter Biden.” 

Roth’s signed declaration formed part of Twitter’s defense against a complaint by the Tea Party Patriots Foundation that its censorship of The Post was an “in­ kind” campaign contribution to then-presidential candidate Joe Biden’s campaign. 

Feds’ social gatherings 

The FBI also warned Facebook to be on “high alert” for a “dump” of “Russian propaganda” before the 2020 election, in terms specific enough that it “fit the pattern” of The Post’s story, CEO Mark Zuckerberg told podcast host Joe Rogan in August. 

Facebook also censored The Post ahead of Twitter’s throttling of the story in October, pending “fact checks” that never appear to have been done. 

Yoel Roth, Twitter’s former head of site integrity, said in a Dec. 21, 2020 declaration to the Federal Election Commission that the company was told hacked materials would likely be disseminated over social media platforms.
Yoel Roth, Twitter’s former head of site integrity, said in a Dec. 21, 2020 declaration to the Federal Election Commission that the company was told hacked materials would likely be disseminated over social media platforms.

The FBI agent who organized those weekly meetings with Big Tech was Supervisory Special Agent Elvis Chan, whose postgraduate thesis claimed that Russia interfered with the 2016 election to help former President Donald Trump. 

Chan testified by Zoom Tuesday in a lawsuit against the Biden administration that he organized the meetings in San Francisco for as many as seven DC-based FBI agents in the run-up to the 2020 presidential election. Chan also organized weekly meetings with Facebook. 

The lawsuit brought by the Republican attorneys general of Missouri and Louisiana alleges that White House officials and federal agencies acted with Big Tech to censor “disfavored speakers, viewpoints and content on social-media platforms.” 

Under questioning by Missouri Solicitor General John Sauer on Tuesday, Chan said the FBI warned Twitter to be on guard for a “hack and leak” operation but could not recall whether Hunter Biden was mentioned. 

According to sworn testimony from a Twitter employee, the FBI warned the company about a "hack" involving Hunter Biden before The Post published its report on Biden's laptop.
According to sworn testimony from a Twitter employee, the FBI warned the company about a “hack” involving Hunter Biden before The Post published its report on Biden’s laptop.

This is a crucial inconsistency with Roth’s sworn declaration saying the FBI specifically mentioned Hunter. 

The FBI used the meetings to lobby the social media platforms to change their terms of service in order to be able to quickly take down “hacked material,” says a source with access to a transcript of Chan’s testimony. 

Here is the article for your reading.